Why can’t I see my USB-6008, -6009, or -6501 under "DAQmx Devices" in MAX after installing NI-DAQmx 7.5 or later?



Why can't I see my USB-6008, -6009, or -6501 under "DAQmx Devices" in MAX after installing NI-DAQmx 7.5 or later?

Hardware: Multifunction DAQ (MIO)>>Portable>>USB-6008, Multifunction DAQ (MIO)>>Portable>>USB-6009

Problem: I've just installed NI-DAQmx 7.5 or later so that I can use my USB-6008, -6009, or -6501 device. However, I still can't see my USB device under DAQmx Devices in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX). Also, when I try to create a task in MAX, my USB device doesn't show up under the list of supported physical channels. In addition, my USB device doesn't appear in the channel constant for my "DAQmx create channel.vi". I also don't see my USB device under the list of compatible hardware for examples programs in the LabVIEW Example Finder.

Solution: The USB-6008, -6009, and -6501 weren't supported by NI-DAQmx before version NI-DAQmx 7.5. The NI-DAQmx Base driver was used exclusively until the release of NI-DAQmx 7.5. If you are upgrading from NI-DAQmx Base to NI-DAQmx 7.5 or later, you will need to have both installed on the computer when you execute the following steps. In other words, the proper procedure for upgrade is NOT to uninstall NI-DAQmx Base and install NI-DAQmx. You must install NI-DAQmx while NI-DAQmx Base is still on the system. If you do not have both on the system the option in tools will be disabled (grayed out). Keep in mind these steps only apply to individuals that have used NI-DAQmx Base and are upgrading to NI-DAQmx. If you are starting out with NI-DAQmx with a USB device you should not need to do this:

1. Open MAX and from the Tools menu at the top, select NI-DAQmx Configuration>>NI-DAQ USB Driver Selector.


2. Select which device you want to change the DAQ driver for in the NI-DAQmx USB Driver Selector dialogue box.
3. Select Switch from the dialogue box.


4. Select DAQmx in the Switch to a new driver dialogue box.


5. Close and restart MAX in order to see the change reflected.

You should now see your USB device under "DAQmx Devices" and have access to it both when creating a task in MAX as well as when specifying a physical channel in LabVIEW. The USB device should also appear under the list of compatible hardware in the LabVIEW Example Finder.

Note that once you switch the driver version to NI-DAQmx 7.5, the firmware on the actual USB device is changed and you'll no longer be able to use your USB device with NI-DAQmx Base unless you repeat the above 5 steps and switch back to NI-DAQmx Base (make sure your USB device is plugged in when you switch the driver).

NOTE: If you have uninstalled NI-DAQmx Base from your machine before you switched your device to use NI-DAQmx, you will not have the option to switch between drivers in MAX. You have two options at this point, listed below.

  • Re-install NI-DAQmx Base to enable the driver switcher utility in MAX
  • Right-click on the USB-600x/6501 device in Windows Device Manager and select update driver. Follow the instructions to associate this device with NI-DAQmx.

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