請參考 GPS 控制
Autonomous Snowmobile GPS Control
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但檔案打不開 不好意思LINUX跟我用Arduino用有差嗎


This repository contains GPS code for the SparkFun Venus [1]. This code utilizes MakerHub LINX VIs to read in GPS coordinates and filter them so that erroneous numbers or UART conversion mistakes do not occur.

MakerHub LINX

LINX is a library developed by MakerHub that allows programmers to interface with the RaspberryPi, Arduino and other microcontrollers on LabVIEW. LINX has been used extensively in this project to communicate with the ArduinoMEGA, which controls each subsystem. Download and other information can be found at:

MakerHub LINX

LabVIEW Code

The LabVIEW code is straight-forward - UART channels are opened according to the user’s input. The GPS NMEA information is read and translated. Then an additional VI is included to filter any errors.